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Meet our team

Our team is the innovative driving force behind WLS, specializing in the organization of events, both online and in-person. Each member brings expertise and a passion for gaming, contributing to the success of the events for both our organization and the users of our platform.

  • Denis "denpxc" Courtin

    President & Co-founder

  • Robin "Crazz" Aleman

    Co-founder & COO

  • Rémi "merlleu" Langdorph

    Co-founder, CIO & Lead Developer

  • Damien "Alpa" Lemaitre


  • Romain "SpatioHusky" Toyos

    Operations Manager, Technical Expert & Dev Front-End

  • Adam "Sushi" Kalinowski

    Software Developper & Event Administrator

  • Sylvain "Dicta" Benoiton

    Business Manager

  • Noam "LeightNash" Shaltiel

    Project Manager & Production Observer

  • Daniel Gomes

    Junior Project Manager

  • Clément "Moon" Falavel

    Event Administrator

  • Baudinet "Zoubie" Augustin

    Event Administrator

  • Malik "Good" Hafsi

    Production Observer & Event Administrator